Time Standards

Time Standards for 2018-2019

For information regarding how the times are calculated please read the Time Standards Process.


Festival Standards

The Festival Standards will be used to qualify for the Winter and Summer Festivals with different standards for the North and South.  The Top 5 Youth Recognition time standards have been aligned with the festival events and will be awarded at the festivals.

Provincial Standards

The Provincial Standards will be used to qualify for Provincials - Short Course and Provincials - Long Course.

Championship Standards

The Championship Standards will be used to qualify for the Spring Championships and Summer Championships.
NEW for 2018-2019 - Two Standards are required to qualify for the Spring and Summer Championships.

Championships Provincials Festivals
Youth Recognition Standards
Female (Top 1, Top 10) Male (Top 1, Top 10) Festivals (Top 5)
Para Standards
Female Male  
Hy-Tek Files
Championships and Provincials Festivals North Youth Recognition (Top 1, Top 10)
  Festivals South Youth Recognition Festivals (Top 5)


National Standards