By-Laws & Policies


By-Laws   Strategic Plan
Swim Alberta By-Laws 16 October 2017   The 2017-2024 Strategic Plan January 2017

Guiding Principles

All members of Swim Alberta – athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and clubs are bound by the Guiding Principles as approved by the Swim Alberta Board of Directors.  Please take a moment to review these. 

Equity Inclusion and Universal Access Guiding Principles 11 April 2015   Safe Sporting Environment Guiding Principle 18 March 2018

Swim Alberta Policies

All members of Swim Alberta - athletes, coaches, clubs, officials, volunteers and parents are bound by the policies as set out by Swim Alberta.  Take a moment to review our policies.

Organizational Operations   Membership
Board Eligibility and Determination Policy 18 March 2018   Association Policy 12 January 2013
Coach of Record Policy 7 February 2011   Club Membership Renewal Policy 18 March 2018

Code of Conduct and Ethics

14 May 2018   Coach Registration & Minimum Requirements Policy 27 May 2017
Competition Sanctioning Policy 9 June 2018   New Club Membership Policy 12 January 2013
Confidentiality Policy 12 January 2013   Official Membership Policy 18 March 2018
Conflict of Interest Policy 12 January 2013   Special Interest Group Membership Policy 18 March 2018
Event Sanctioning Policy 18 March 2018      
Fundraising Policy 11 April 2015   Discipline, Dispute and Appeal
Privacy Policy and Personal Information Consent 11 April 2015   Appeal Policy 4 February 2013
Screening Policy 18 March 2018   Discipline and Complaints Policy 8 March 2014
Social Media Use Policy 11 April 2015   Dispute Resolution Policy 12 January 2013
Swim Alberta Financial Policies 5 February 2018      
Swim Alberta General Operating Reserve Fund Policy 29 November 2016      
Swim Alberta Sustainability Reserve Fund Policy 29 November 2016      


The following guidelines have been put in place to assist the membership of Swim Alberta in making decisions and operating programs and services. Please take a moment to review these guidelines. 

Social Media Guidelines 11 April 2015      
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